Inspection and Reporting Services / Landmark Structural Pest


Inspection & Reporting

We thoroughly inspect all visible areas of your home. Many infestations start with excessive-moisture conditions from building envelope deficiencies and/or plumbing leaks.  We will report on these as well.  Landmark Structural Pest does not perform structural repairs, but can provide estimated repair costs, for informational purposes only.

.We understand that, often times, your transaction is waiting on the results of your inspection reports.  We will always do our utmost to make sure that you receive your emailed Pest Report on the same day of the inspection.  Payment is due at the time of inspection.



I do both whole-house and localized  treatments, and will not try to sell you on more chemical treatment than is absolutely necessary to fully eradicate your structural pest infestation. I do the ground and localized chemical treatments myself, believing that the person who identifies the problem is best suited to take care of it. Our reporting is complete and we always try to issue reports on the same day as the inspection and/or treatment.



For certain types of advanced structural pest infestations, the only way to insure a complete eradication is to fumigate or "tent" your home.  We partner with  local fumigation companies and the local utilities to insure a safe, complete, and effective job is done. When we are done, your home will be free of pests and fumigant. No residual fumigation chemicals will remain in your home!